Day Spa: Taste of The Raj

Our new Taste of The Raj program allows you to design a one or two-day stay that best fits your needs. This is the perfect program for those with busy schedules or for those who would simply like an introduction to Maharishi Ayurveda.SM

The Taste of The Raj program offers a special room rate for one or two nights, a choice of either one or two a la carte Maharishi Rejuvenation treatments, and the option of scheduling a wellness consultation with a Raj Ayurveda health coach.

Wellness consultations provide information on your individual body type, along with appropriate Ayurveda dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Treatments available for the Taste of The Raj program include:

  1. Abhyanga
  2. Shirodhara
  3. Abhyanga-Shirodhara
  4. Massage
  5. 10 Step Facial Therapy


Rooms with a queen bed:one guest/room
two guests/room
Rooms with a king or two queen beds:one guest/room
two guests/room

Please call us, For Fees, at 800 864-8714 ext. 9000


Breakfast is included with your room. For lunch and dinner reservations can be made with The Raj restaurant upon arrival. Please call us at 800 864-8714 ext. 9000 for prices vegetarian meals. Or you can explore the nearby town of Fairfield for fun restaurant options, including Indian, Thai/Chinese, Italian and Mexican cuisine.

Wellness Consultations

Wellness consultations include a 30-minute meeting with one of our experienced Maharishi Ayurveda health coaches. Wellness consultations provide an excellent individualized introduction to the basic principles of Ayurveda self-health care. Wellness consultations include:

  1. Ayurveda Pulse Assessment with report on findings of balance and imbalance
  2. Dietary recommendations matched to body type
  3. Lifestyle recommendations matched to body type

Fees: Please call us at 800 864-8714 ext. 9000

Note: Wellness consultations are NOT medical in nature and are not for the purpose of diagnosing or treating disease.


Oil Application (Abhyanga)

A comprehensive and soothing oil massage carried out by a synchronized team of two technicians. The oil application uses herbalized oils prescribed to suit your individual needs. The treatment promotes the penetration of oil deep into the tissues so that impurities are loosened and separated from the cell structure. Please call us, For Fee, at 800 864-8714 ext. 9000

Relaxation Treatment (Shirodhara)

A soothing continuous flow of oil poured slowly and gently across the forehead. This treatment settles and balances the nervous system. The effect is delightful and many guests experience profound relaxation during the treatment. Please call us, For Fee, at 800 864-8714 ext. 9000

Deluxe package (Abhyanga and Shirodhara)

This treatment combines the rejuvenating two-therapist oil massage (Abhyanga) with the deep relaxation of Shirodhara to create an hour and a half of pure luxury. Please call us, For Fee, at 800 864-8714 ext. 9000

Anti-Stress Massage

If you are constantly in front of a computer or on a cell phone, you may be feeling negative effects from exposure to external electro-magnetic fields. The Raj is happy to offer an Ayurveda remedy for this modern problem. Relax and enjoy, as a team of two specially trained technicians administer the first massage therapy developed specifically to remove electro-magnetic stress. When we are exposed to strong electro-magnetic fields, the body’s natural electro-magnetic balance can become overwhelmed and compromised. This unique energy-balancing treatment helps restore the natural electro-magnetic balance of the body, returning the physiology to its normal functioning. This treatment is ideally recommended for three consecutive days. Please call us, For Fee, at 800 864-8714 ext. 9000

Facial Therapy (currently women only)

Sun, environmental toxins, fatigue and stress all take a toll on the delicate tissues of the face. This individualized facial treatment uses all natural ingredients to nurture the different layers of the skin while removing damaging imbalances and impurities.

As a first step, special cleansing herbs and botanicals lubricate and nourish the skin in preparation for additional treatments. In the next steps, your technician will administer soothing eye treatments, lipid supporting creams and oils, gently exfoliating herbs, steam therapy, milk foam, and herbalized mud to create a truly royal, Ayurvedically-balanced rejuvenation treatment. Ingredients include powerful antioxidants that stimulate collagen synthesis. Please call us, For Fee, at 800 864-8714 ext. 9000


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