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Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems

Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems (MLG)

Was developed under the direct guidance of Maharishi to combine the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of the nourishing power of gems with modern technology. MLG is applied both for the promotion of health and for the development of consciousness. Recently integrated into the medical program of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health at MERU, Holland, Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems is now available worldwide. It is covered up to 80% by Swiss Health Insurances.


Throughout the ages gems have been cherished for their beauty and purity. Their unique remedial qualities, resulting from the orderliness of their crystal structure and essential trace elements, are mentioned in many ancient texts, including those of the Vedic tradition of India. Veda means knowledge. The timeless wisdom of the Vedic tradition of India is the source of Maharishi's widely practised Transcendental Meditation program. According to Vedic knowledge, gems-ratna in Sanskrit have a profound and essential function in the scheme of creation. The creative intelligence inherent in precious gemstones is defined by their specific color or light frequency, their hardness, and their transparency, which are all signs of the supreme purity and orderliness of their crystaline structure, expressing the highest state of evolution in the mineral kingdom.

Light and the Physiology

Light plays a very important role in our life. According to scientists, there is evidence that light in the form of 'bio-photons' influences the functioning of our physiology on many levels, including the DNA. In his discovery published in the book Human Physiology, Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature, Professor Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D.2 has shown how various frequencies of light affect the human physiology.

Combining Light with Gems

Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems amplifies the particular qualities of 13 different gemstones using special light beamers. The special light radiating through the gemstones amplifies the effect of the gem so that one can benefit from the different nourishing qualities of the gems. The light also serves as a vehicle to bring the highly orderly frequencies of the respective gems to the corresponding cells and organs of the physiology, especially those parts of the body that need to be supported. Individuals report a wide variety of benefits including greater energy, greater strength of self-healing in the body, relief from chronic conditions, improved perception, deep relaxation, among others.

New Larger Light Beamers

In addition to our regular light beamers, The Raj is currently only one of two facilities in the world to offer MLG using a special larger set of light beamers. These light beamers utilize 12 times the number of gemstones for a more amplified effect.structure, expressing the highest state of evolution in the mineral kingdom.
Experiences and Treatment Information

Like a Bath of Light and Energy

"I felt the gem and light energy rise from the base of my spine up each vertebra, slowly as if washing the energy through each vertebra and cleansing them. Then the energy rose to my head and washed my head in light. Then the energy descended into my heart, stomach and other organs, bathing each area in the smooth flow. After this I lay in the wholeness of smooth energy, soaking it into every part of my body. . . ." Debbie Weberg, Vancouver, Canada

Significant Long Term Changes

"I was rather amazed at the distinct experiences I had during MLG treatment, and immediately after. There was a lot of Bliss.... I realized that my days were unfolding in a new, and very enjoyable way. I was accomplishing significantly more with less effort, I also noticed that my sleep was deeper, and that I was waking up feeling clearer and more 'ready to go', rather than 'ready to go back to sleep' as before. This overall good feeling has remained for months, and I feel more 'content' with my life than I have felt in a long time and this good feeling is not going away! It feels like a really efficient and effective way to advance my progress and evolution in life." D.W., Indiana
Following the consultation, I felt physically stronger, more coordinated and more invincible-unshakeable... D.G.
Tremendous eveness, silence, soothing, light...extending into activity like everything is superfluid waves of silence...senses are refined. P.T.

Relief from Chronic Pain

"When I was three years old, a car accident shoved my spine into the atlas bone at the base of my skull. Ever since, I've lived with constant pain and pressure in the back of my neck; I can never remember a time when I didn't feel discomfort there. As a result, I've been on a lifelong quest for relief, but so far nothing had worked. When I began Maharshi Light Therapy with Gem, I never thought about the possibility of healing the back of my neck. I continued with the therapy because I experienced more evenness and happiness in my life. Then one day I came out of a session feeling hardly any discomfort in the back of my neck. Surprisingly, the pain didn't return. My neck isn't perfect, but the difference is profound. The amazing thing is that during the session I didn't feel anything extraordinary taking place, yet somehow relief came to me". Jim Fairchild, Fairfield, Iowa

Relief from Chronic Asthma

During treatment I felt my chest cavity area flooded with alternating white and golden light. In activity, I felt a huge expansion of heart and I felt united with everything in the world around me. . .Two weeks later, and after a year of chronic asthma, I'm feeling much less sensitivity and more lightness in the lung area. The wheezing has also become much less. J.H., Montreal, Canada
Body feels light and buoyant... A.S.
I feel awake at a deep level, very nourishing. G.D.
Body feels light and buoyant... A.S.
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